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Where We Play + Why

Play Ball funds school districts in under-resourced Massachusetts cities to create and run middle school sports leagues, which leverage the power of sports and create and deepen school engagement for kids.


Click any of the "+" icons on the map to learn more about each Play Ball community.


New Bedford

The Play Ball Foundation creates opportunities for middle school students to have sports experiences in middle school that are key to increasing school engagement for kids in a vital period of development. Play Ball supports our partner districts and provides funds to ensure the leagues run well. Play Ball support focuses on the following three critical areas

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Vetted, high-quality coaches with ties to the community who prioritize the success of their students.






What Our Program Provides to Communities

Access to high quality sports equipment. In the majority of under-served communities, they do not have the budget to acquire sports equipment.



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Founder, Play Ball Foundation

Play Ball is able to help create and expand middle school sports opportunities because our model is efficient and scalable. We work with and build off the existing infrastructure of the school districts, so our donations are targeted on what is needed to get more feet on the field.”

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Parked School Buses

Providing transportation to students, who otherwise would not have the ability to to attend practices and games.



Our Program Structure

Play Ball programs operate in partnership with school districts in different cities across Massachusetts. All programs we fund and support have the same structure as follows:


Play Ball programs work with districts to offer organized school-based leagues in sports.

Play Ball supports a large number of sports to appeal to a wide range of students.  Across Boston, Lawrence, and Holyoke, sports include cross country, soccer, baseball, volleyball, hockey, flag football, cross country, cheerleading, track, and basketball (pictures across with different sports).


Play Ball programs tie school sports participation to school engagement and performance.

With continuing guidance from coaches within their schools, students are supported and reminded that during their time on a Play Ball team, they are required to maintain strong attendance, and are held to school and team standards for behavior and participation in practices and games. 


Play Ball programs have teachers serve as coaches to strengthen relationships in the school.

By connecting students to caring coaches, who mentor students and are part of the school community, Play Ball leverages relationships with coaches to strengthen the network of support for students and emphasizes their role and accountability in the school community.


Play Ball programs ensure that classmates are teammates.

School-based teams help build strong connectivity to peers in school and increase connection to the school community.

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Make an Impact, Make a Donation

We believe in the power of sports. We believe in the power of our Play Ball students. We believe in the power of Play Ball communities. Help us strengthen our support by making a donation today. 

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