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Introducing the 2024 Play Ball Foundation Boston Marathon Team


The Play Ball Foundation Marathon Team will raise critical funds to create and expand school-based sports leagues for middle school students for high need communities in Massachusetts. Play Ball allows thousands of students from Boston, Lawrence, Holyoke, New Bedford, Salem, and Methuen to play on school-based sports teams, which create and deepen school engagement for middle school students.  

Play Ball selected the following runners for the third Play Ball Marathon Team!


Please support the Play Ball Team in their fundraising efforts, and show your support on Marathon Monday!



Patrick Pic .PNG

Patrick Conroy

“I run to give back the resources that I had growing up.”

Liddy Pic.jpg

Liddy DeConto


“I run to give other kids the opportunities I had growing up to play sports! Playing sports allowed me to learn valuable life lessons and create everlasting friendships and relationships.”

Allie Garrett Pic .png

Allie Garrett


“Sports have always played a critical role in my life as they have been a way for me to connect with others, gain confidence and feel a sense of belonging. I am so excited to run in support of the Play Ball and directly make an impact on giving middle schoolers the opportunity to be a part of a team!"

Tyler Pic .JPG

Tyler Hebert

“I run because I would love to give young student athletes the same opportunities I had with sports growing up”

Chris Higgins Pic .jpg

Chris Higgins


“Growing up and being fortunate to have my Dad as a basketball coach, youth sports were a big part of not only my life, but my family’s as well. These experiences & life lessons learned along the way, albeit minor in the moment, were instrumental in shaping the person I am today. I am thrilled to be able to fundraise money to allow more kids the same opportunities I was afforded.”

Andrew J Pic .jpg

Andrew Jarrett


“I run because of the dedication it’s taken to prepare myself for 26.2 miles. There’s no better feeling than finishing a long run and reflecting on the mental and physical limits I was able to overcome in a relatively short period of time”

Caleb Pic.jpeg

Caleb Kane


"Growing up I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in a wide range of youth sports programs. These opportunities enabled me to learn countless life lessons, formed lifelong friendships and mentors, and ultimately opened doors for me further my academic and athletic pursuits. I am very excited to pay forward all that youth sports gave me and hopefully provide a similar opportunity

to others."

Phoebe Pic .jpg

Phoebe Lawrence


"I run because I am a strong believer that every child should have the opportunity to be on a team and play sports - and because it’s fun!!"

John M Pic .jpeg

John Marsinelli

"I run because I believe every child should have the opportunity to play sports and not worry about any of the expenses that may come with it. With sports these children will learn life lessons, build friendships, and have memories that will last a lifetime."

Sara pIc .JPG

Sarah Proctor


“I have seen first-hand what sports did for me growing up as they taught me lifelong lessons and given me my closest friends that I can call family. What Play Ball does for under-resourced middle schools is an honorable cause run by honorable people that I am proud to run for.”

Abbey Pic .jpeg

Abbey Redmond


“I will be running my first marathon for the amazing kids of The Play Ball Foundation. And for my family, especially my brother, Will. I hope to make him proud.”

Sam Richardson Pic .jpg

Sam Richardson


"Every kid deserves to play sports.  By running the Boston Marathon and raising money for Play Ball, I hope to give every kid the same opportunities I was lucky enough to have when I was younger.  This one's for the kids!"

Hannah Marathon Pic .jpg

Hannah Rosenblatt

“Sports have always been a big part of my life, teaching me valuable life lessons and connecting me to some of my best friends. I'm running for the Play Ball Foundation because all kids deserve the opportunity to play sports! “

David Pic .jpeg

David Sciaudone


“Throughout my life, I have been lucky enough to participate in sports, taking many lessons and lifelong friendships with me beyond the field. I am so excited to be supporting the Play Ball Foundation and the incredible work they do to help close the gap regarding access to sports.”

Nikolas Pic .jpg

Nikolas Unger


“I am running for Play Ball because all kids deserve the opportunity to learn valuable life skills and be part of a supportive community through sports.”

Please support the Play Ball Team in their fundraising efforts, and show your support on Marathon Monday!

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