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Introducing the 2023 Play Ball Foundation Boston Marathon Team


The Play Ball Foundation Marathon Team will raise critical funds to create and expand school-based sports leagues for middle school students for high need communities in Massachusetts. Play Ball allows thousands of students from Boston, Lawrence, Holyoke and New Bedford to play on school-based sports teams, which create and deepen school engagement for middle school students.  

Play Ball selected the following runners for the second Play Ball Marathon Team!


Please support the Play Ball Team in their fundraising efforts, and show your support on Marathon Monday!



Andrew Boger


"I am running for Play Ball because it is an exceptional organization run by exceptional people and is unique in it’s established ability to align its mission with execution.  I’m honored to help support a non-profit that will continue in perpetuity to structure athletic programs for kids in the Commonwealth at such a critical and efficacious stage in their physical, psychological and emotional development."

Catherine coal.jpg

Catherine Cole


"Access to youth sports brought me camaraderie, discipline, and a lifelong appreciation for the benefits of exercise. I am so excited to be running for the Play Ball Boston Marathon team and am eager to support such a great cause!"

Brian Duffy.jpg

Brian Duffy


"As someone who grew up playing many different sports, I owe so much to the organizations and coaches who taught me so many valuable lessons. Running for the Play Ball Foundation affords me the opportunity to help give deserving children the opportunities I was so lucky to have.​"


Erin Endres

"Growing up, I was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to try my hand at multiple sports. Sports afforded me opportunities I otherwise would never have had, and I'm excited to support Play Ball in their mission of bringing the transformative influence of sport to the students who stand to benefit most."

John Marsinelli.jpg

John Marsinelli


"I run because I believe every child should have the opportunity to play sports and not worry about any of the expenses that may come with it. With sports these children will learn life lessons, build friendships, and have memories that will last a lifetime."

tom may.png

Thomas May


"I’m running for the Play Ball Foundation because sports have given so much to me and every kid deserves to experience the lessons sports give us. I wouldn’t be the person I am today without youth sports and I want other kids to be able to experience what I have!"​

Victoria Mcgreen.jpg

Victoria McGreen


"I saw first hand the impact that playing sports and being a part of a team have on developing skills that enable a child to fulfill their potential. Sports taught me so many fundamental skills and gave me some of my longest and closest friends. Play Ball's commitment to providing sports to middle schoolers in under-resourced communities, made me want to be a part of this team and support such a great foundation!

Ashley Norris.png

Ashley Norris


"My experience growing up playing sports was the most formative parts of my youth. I believe it is important to raise awareness and resources for youth to experience and access high-quality sports because of the pivotal benefits that sports, and the relationships found because of them, play in life as a young student and beyond."

Kelly Payne.png

Kelly Payne

"Participating in youth sports growing up positively impacted my life in so many ways. I built lifelong friendships with teammates and learned valuable lessons on and off the field that I still carry with me today. I am so excited to be supporting the Play Ball Foundation!"


Briana Pina


"I am a former college athlete that thrives in competition. I work in an underserved community and I am an advocate for athletics. My life aligns with the mission of the Play Ball Foundation and I am honored to be running and raising money for them."​

Kyle Rumberger.png

Kyle Rumberger


"Growing up, sports were a way for me to compete, develop discipline, and learn the importance of camaraderie. Playball is paving the way for children who may otherwise not have the opportunity to be a part of a sports team to learn and develop these skills, and thus prepare them for success in all facets of their future."​


Chris Ryan


"As a former collegiate athlete and current middle school teacher and coach, I have seen firsthand the impact youth sports can have on kids. By running the Boston Marathon and raising money for Play Ball, I hope to give all children the same opportunites I was lucky enough to have when I was younger. Not only will sports teach them to work together, but hopefully it will teach them multiple life lessons that will help contribute to their success later

in life."

Casey Sheehan.jpg

Casey Sheehan

“I see the impact sports can have on children's mental and physical health everyday working in the Boston Public School System. I want to be able to help support my students and allow every child to have an opportunity to grow through sports"​

Nate Stemple.jpg

Nate Stemple


"As a middle school coach myself, I can speak firsthand to the impact that sports can have on a young person's life as well as their motivation to attend school, and it gives me great satisfaction to know that every dollar that I raise will go towards making an impact on these young student-athletes."

Alex Terry.jpg

Alex Terry


”To support the growth and accessibility youth sports provided me while I was growing up and to bridge the gap under-resourced Massachusetts communities face when facilitating programs”

Please support the Play Ball Team in their fundraising efforts, and show your support on Marathon Monday!

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