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The Santa Speedo Run: a fun, zany annual event that supports the Play Ball Foundation! 

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The Santa Speedo Run is a fun event that supports the Play Ball Foundation. Hundreds of people gather in numerous sites across Massachusetts to “run” slightly less than a mile wearing fun holiday garb (Speedo optional!) in the New England winter.  Pre- and post-game factor into the event - everyone gets the nerve up to run, and then spends time boasting about how difficult it was.  So you can host, join, or support the run, and help a great cause while having a hilarious time with your crew.

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What is Santa Speedo?







The Santa Speedo Run occurs every year the Saturday before the Holiday break. Hundreds of runners raise money to support the work of the Play Ball Foundation to increase sports opportunities for middle school students in under resourced communities in Massachusetts. Play Ball creates school-based middle school sports leagues for over 2,000 students in Boston, Lawrence, and Holyoke.



Saturday, Dec 4th  
Saturday, Dec 11


Anyone  who wants to be a part of the effort!



The run is done in small groups across Greater Boston. Historically, the SSR was launched from a bar in Boston, and covered a roughly 1-mile jog through the Back Bay. As Play Ball has expanded, so too has the run.  It is now hosted by numerous Play Ball supporters throughout the Commonwealth.  Get some friends together and register to do your own local run! 

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How It All Began

It began as a whim. At 2:23PM on Saturday, December 16th, 2000, five men wearing nothing but Santa hats, Santa beards and Speedos ran past the crowd of holiday shoppers on Newbury Street, Boston’s high-end shopping district. They didn’t know what to expect. The short-term response was encouraging: the crowd of holiday shoppers erupted into earth-shattering applause, screaming and cheering for them. The longer term effect was miraculous: a twenty year tradition that has raised nearly $2 million for various local children’s nonprofits.


In the years since that first run, the number of runners has increased exponentially from the original five to over 500 annual participants at its height, and has supported multiple non profits. In 2012, the SSRun became aligned to the individual cause of raising money for Play Ball.

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The more people who know about the Santa Speedo Run, the better! The easiest form of getting involved is simply following and socializing with us on social media.